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Dyadic refers to the meaning, has the duality here refers to the harmonic of electrical electronic technology and mechanical technology. In today's most of the machinery is driven by electric actuator, electrical/mechanical balance is very important! Big yadi, look for the mechanical control system for mechanical and electrical integration of system, through the reconciliation between them and the fusion, so as to realize the control system of high level and the most appropriate.

Headquarters of Japan's domestic (business)
Zip code: 920-0342
Address: ishikawa prefecture kanazawa mu tian west 2-106
Telephone: fax: 076-267-9103 076-267-9103

Postcode :532-0032
TEL:048-575-5575 FAX:048-575-5573
E-mail :

Postcode :532-0032
Address:大阪府大阪市淀川区宮原2-1-17 丸太屋新大阪ビル7F
TEL:06-6350-0178 FAX:06-6350-0129
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ShenZhen Dyadic Systems Co.,Ltd.
Address:2/F.,unit G,Fanshen Gushu Industry Park,Hangcheng Road,Xixiang Street,Bao'an District,Shenzhen
Bear: Zou xiaodong
Tel: 0755-2785-6006   Fax: 0755-2785-6986
Mobile: 185-2080-8033
found 1995 (pp.47-53 7 years)
Chairman 小川 武志
GHEN Ishikawa prefecture kanazawa mu tian west 2-106 zip code: 920-0342
Tel 076-267-9103
Fax 076-267-9103
Funds 87 million yen
Business Content 1. with servo motor development manufacture and sale of goods
2. The servo motor sales of related products
3. The countermeasures in view of the vibration of servo technology consultant In addition, a total of 12 pieces inside and outside the special permits (included in application)
major shareholder Consortium corporation Ishikawa prefecture industry makes comprehensive support institutions (ishikawa prefecture) northland Lease co., LTD (northern bank capital) hengshan chamber of commerce co., LTD
Bank for Transaction North bank/kanazawa central Banks
Main products Series: electric cylinder screw type: SCN5, SCN6, 123456: SCLT4, SCLT6, SCLL5, SCLG5, SCLG6, SCLL7, SCKR6 Simple
control: CTC - 67, CTC - 77, (touch screen) AC
servo motor: RSA0211, RCB0411 RSA0411, RSA0611, RSA0911, RSA121, 1 RSA0611 - G1, RSA0611 - G2, RSA0211 - G5, RCB0411 - G5, RSA0411 - G5, RSA0611 - the G7, RSA1211 - the G7
The length measurement and control system
awards In April 1996 for rotary tool precision device
In April 1997 for precision platform of RR - 25 prize of excellent works
In April 1998 won prize of excellent works of R series servo motor system
In April 1999 for next generation only electric cylinder prize of excellent works
In November 1999, Ishikawa prefecture for ishikawa VENTURE award technology special award
In April 2000 won a silver medal of vibration control
In October 2001 machine electric cylinder on the international packaging robot exhibition release 10 KGF sales force
In June 2002, 2002 empty oil absorption machine electric cylinder series released additional sales thrust on 20 KGF, 50 KGF, 1000 mm
In January 2003, simple control the release of the servo motor
In November 2005, Osaka mechanical elements show small sliding table electric cylinder, small straight 3 axis manipulator
In February, 2006, Small electric cylinder, small straight 3 axis manipulator
In January 2007, The performance of the additional ventilation performance, reference standard
In August 2007, Set the control function, standard character to append
In October 2010, No power absolute position
Sponsored by the development In 1996, The development of ishikawa prefecture development grants (turntable commercialization)
In 1997, new technology development consortium (rotary flow control servo motor) grant
In 1998, Ishikawa prefecture development grants (new institutions to turn tool turret lathe series of the practical application of test development)
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