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we are doing?

Dyadic servo motor control alone is a patent technology of the company.
Yadi g motor is AC servo motor.
Yadi electric cylinder is equipped with big yadi grams of AC servo motor electric cylinder.
Can the composition of the servo system is simple.
Control costs, such as programming can be cut sharply.
To reduce the threshold control servo technology.
High accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy is + / - 0.01 mm.
High quality and shelf life of 3 years or 10000 km trip quality assurance.
Dyadic has the following characteristics of the motor.
(1) stops is perfectly still, without micro vibration.
(2) step load age also not to take off.
(3) has self-protection function, is not easy to damage.
(4) can realize stable low-speed movement.
Dyadic electric cylinder alone servo motor control technology, has realized it can guarantee the high precision, high quality products at the same time with 30% to 50% of the price advantage.